The Only Solution You Need For Small Business Inventory Management

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Are you a small online retailer struggling to keep accurate inventory management? Managing Inventory as an eBay, Amazon, or another online seller is a challenge at the beginning of the ecommerce journey. There are many options for inventory management software but which one is right for you?

Finding an affordable inventory management system can be a challenge. They tend to be too expensive for a small business. They have complicated features designed for large businesses with massive stock. They are challenging to learn.

As a small online retailer myself, I needed a simple inventory management solution to track and monitor my inventory.

I didn’t have a big budget to spend on software. My business was a side hustle, I didn’t have time to learn a complicated system. I just needed something efficient to manage and control my inventory so that I could spend my time building other aspects of my business.

Currently, my business has one warehouse and seven distribution channels but when I first started out I was much smaller. I needed something basic to manage my inventory. I couldn’t afford most options available to me and I didn’t need most of the features they offered.

Spreadsheets seemed to be our only solution for keeping track of inventory. It was simple and affordable, but time-consuming and inaccurate. They provided insight into what our current product availability was but didn’t allow for us to track the analytics of our sales.

How many of this product been sold in the past three months or twelve months?

How many times has it been returned?

What months were most active for sales of any given product?

These were all important questions that were pertinent in creating accurate and effective marketing strategies for my business. They were pertinent in understanding our customers and sales trends.

Thankfully, I had a solution. I am a full-stack web developer. I developed my own inventory management software. Now I have decided that I want to help other small business owners with their inventory management needs. I knew that if I had challenges finding a solution to this problem, then likely others did as well. Over the last 4 years, I have been honing our product to offer a comprehensive solution to small business inventory. And now I am pleased to offer it to you.

Let me introduce you to ByteConn.

I wanted to create a flexible and easy to use program. I wanted It to track and manage inventory with not a lot of extra features that small businesses don’t need. I wanted it to be affordable.

With ByteConn you can:

  • Track new inventory
  • Track delivery product and dates
  • Track product sales
  • Track sales dates for each product
  • Track returns
  • Search products and cross-reference inventory

ByteConn is an affordable inventory tracking software that is comprehensive in functionality and practical in application. It allows small business owners to better manage their product and analyze the data on their sales. It is easy to navigate a system that is cost-effective to a business that is just starting out.

At the beginning of my journey in online business, tracking and properly managing my inventory was a confusing, frustrating and time-consuming process. I knew I couldn’t be the only one with these challenges and that if I were having them so were other small business owners. I wanted to make it easier for them. ByteConn has made that dream a reality.

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